Bienvenue à nSight

Bienvenue à nSight

Welcome to nSight

C’est bon!  In July, we were thrilled to welcome new clients from two countries – Office du tourisme de Québec, the city tourism board of Québec in Canada, and Atout France, the country tourism board for France. Both organizations are keen to obtain insights on travelers both domestically and internationally.  They’ll be using nSight data to inform digital marketing campaigns, elevate website marketing and content development as well as expand major co-op advertising initiatives with regional partners.

In addition to our new international clients, we welcomed the following forward-thinking City DMO clients that will be using our third-party “looks and books” data to increase tourism and enhance marketing ROI:

  • Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Oakland  Convention and Visitors Bureau (Visit Oakland)
  • Tupelo Convention and Visitors Bureau

Welcome to our new clients and thank you for your business!