Unconstrained Demand

The Holy Grail of Hotel Forecasting?

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Evolving the Concept of Unconstrained Demand into Reality

nSight ViewPOINT, June 2016


Today, hotel Revenue Managers are discussing the concept of “Unconstrained Demand” and how it could be the Holy Grail for hotel forecasting. Recent Revenue Management related activity on industry social networks like Twitter reinforce the various ways we discuss demand as an industry.

From tweets on how to forecast demand to the latest hashtags — #revenuestrategyfordummies, the common thread of these posts is that Revenue Managers must estimate consumer demand across multiple distribution channels to inform their pricing and yield strategies. More and more the discussion revolves around the concept of “Unconstrained Demand” and how this concept could be the Holy Grail for hotel forecasting


In an industry perspective, part of the nSight ViewPOINT series, Founder Rich Maradik gives a practical vision of Unconstrained Demand and how it will be used by tomorrow’s hotel innovators.

  • Get a working definition of Unconstrained Demand
  • Hear opinions on the limitations of today’s Revenue Management solutions in quantifying the concept
  • Learn about a new framework for redefining Unconstrained Demand that matches today’s access to forward-looking data


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