Digital Marketing

Travel marketers need to tell a story.

One that resonates with their ideal consumer.

Millennials, boomers, and families are all searching for the right hotel, in the right destination. But their requirements are very different. Data-driven digital marketing enhances the performance of your campaigns with higher CTR and ROI, by focusing on priority markets and the needs of those consumers.

nSight Digital Marketing is part of our nGage suite of Marketing Services.

Digital marketing is the logical next step for clients using nSight data.

The data reveals consumers searching and booking hotels and competitive destinations for both past and future arrival dates. Our Digital Marketing Team applies these insights – such as average lead time by market or peak arrival dates – to a range of digital marketing strategies, delivering optimal performance for your goals.

A service for every need.

Improves your Google AdWords performance and ROI by focusing on markets and demographics of shoppers most likely to book your hotel or destination - and knowing the search-to-book windows that drive media campaign launch schedules.
Display Advertising and Remarketing
Uses top geographic markets and consumer profiles of nSight personas to target display ads and focus retargeting across proven travel media networks, working with your existing digital provider or our network of partners.
and Analytics
Expertise on web, consumer behavior and data analysis enables us to reveal the hottest markets and trending demographics through custom analysis, trend reporting and review of your website and online metrics.
Applying nSight geographic and demographic targeting, CRM experts deep dive into your email lists, establishing best practices for segmentation, list generation and frequency to convert your best markets and personas into bookers.