Introducing the Hotel Online Traffic Report

Introducing the Hotel Online Traffic Report

Smarter Marketing. Optimized Revenue. Guest Connections.


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“looks and books”
on your hotel website compared to the OTAs.

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Predictive Hotel Analytics will never be the same.

nSight uses shopping data to predict your future customer—so you can stop guessing. From the 85 million consumer insights we aggregate every day, we know your next guest, where they live, what they look like, and when they plan to arrive in your market. When you know the future, you can focus on the important things like your guests and your profits.

With nSight’s predictive analytics to help you make digital marketing and revenue decisions, you’ll never look back.

Get started controlling your future today with the Hotel Online Traffic Report.

  • Smarter Marketing.

    Target OTA shoppers that aren’t getting to your website. Boost ROI by knowing active shoppers.
  • Optimized Revenue.

    Know where you’re winning or losing share. Shift bookings from OTAs to direct channels and reduce commission fees.
  • Guest Connections.

    Own guest loyalty. Take your relationships with guests back from the OTAs.

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