nSight Partners with GCommerce to Bring Enhanced Intelligence to Hotel Digital Marketing

nSight Partners with GCommerce to Bring Enhanced Intelligence to Hotel Digital Marketing

NASHVILLE, TN – October 9, 2014 – nSight and GCommerce have partnered to make nSight part of the standard GCommerce digital marketing solution for hotels. nSight, the leader in online consumer shopping intelligence for the travel industry, captures more than 80 million searches and bookings for hotels daily across third-party websites worldwide. Utah-based digital ecommerce innovator GCommerce  will leverage this marketing-rich data to its portfolio of nearly 1,400 hotel clients to increase hotel market share.

With the world’s largest database on active travel shoppers, nSight improves hotel marketing and revenue management capability by providing an unprecedented view of how travel consumers shop online. nSight empowers hoteliers to make better decisions by allowing them to benchmark against competitors based on search, conversion and best available rate, and by providing in-depth consumer insights based on geography, profile and search behavior.

Using nSight data, GCommerce will elevate cross-functional digital marketing capabilities in the areas of media targeting, web and social content development, and campaign promotion creative and tracking.

“We’re excited to be partnering with the GCommerce team,” said Jami Timmons, president and chief product officer, nSight. “GCommerce is innovative in how it’s using data-driven marketing to take its clients to the next level.  For example, Account Managers are applying nSight’s source market, persona and lead time data to build media buys that get hotel guests to GCommerce clients when they need them.”

GCommerce clients have the ability to benchmark their performance against hotel competitors, know search-to-book lead times for target markets and shopper profiles and view forward-looking demand for up to 90 days. Through the nSight Rate Efficiency Index, GCommerce’s hotel clients can see how changes in rate compared to competitors affect their search and conversion on travel sites. This unique revenue management capability gives GCommerce visibility to the impact of promotional rates in PPC and OTA ads on third-party conversions, so adjustments can be made during campaign runs to optimize performance.

“GCommerce’s partnership with nSight is helping us provide insight into the online consumer in order to precisely craft our marketing messages in a way that will resonate and maximize ROI,” said Chris Jackson, president and partner, GCommerce. “Intelligence on feeder markets and audience profiles will also assist us in laser targeting our clients’ precious marketing dollars to drive demand in real time.”

nSight is an interactive SaaS-based BI application that benchmarks a hotel’s performance on third-party websites worldwide against competing hotels and resorts. Hotel users apply this consumer shopping intelligence to improve decision making, optimize rate, increase online bookings and grow share over competitors.

About GCommerce

Headquartered in Park City, Utah, GCommerce is a hospitality-focused digital marketing company that offers integrated marketing solutions as unique as the hotels it serves. GCommerce’s comprehensive strategies draw their strength from the synergy of multiple disciplines working in concert to drive industry-leading revenues via increased market share capture.