Rate Information Direct to Your Inbox

Rate Information Direct to Your Inbox

Our Rate Shopper provides an easy way to stay on top of competitor pricing and performance. Instead of spending hours manually comparing rates, or subscribing to expensive services, you’ll receive reports straight to your inbox – saving you time and increasing your revenue.

You’ll receive daily reports that outline competitor rates, demand forecasts, and TripAdvisor rankings. Our Rate Shopper draws on the latest pricing data used by major online services to provide you with accurate, up-to-date insights.

How Does This Help My Hotel?

Increase Revenue
Improved rate information will allow you to:
– Set a smarter rate strategy
– Understand the relationship between rate and demand
– Increase your average daily rate.

Improve Your Performance
By understanding how you rank against competitors you can:
– Quickly implement services that give you a competitive advantage
– Make changes that benefit your overall guest experience
– Improve your ranking and increase bookings.