International Travel to US Taking It on the Chin

US Fights Stalled International Travel Demand This Summer

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Consumer Search for US Hotels is Down 39% from non-US Sources

NASHVILLE, TN (August 11, 2016) So far this summer, US travel is taking it on the chin. Based on consumer online shopping trends from third-party websites, travel intent is relatively flat at +2.6% compared to last year, while bookings have declined 5.1% from June 1 – August 5. The heightened level of uncertainty in international markets is contracting demand for US travel. The international tourism industry is experiencing a range of issues from terrorist attacks and infectious disease to economic/political changes from dynamics such as Brexit. These factors cause international travelers, who would normally travel to the US this summer, to be more conservative about travel plans and shy away from long haul trips.

As a result of these factors, the usual sources of the majority of international travel to the US, such as Europe, Canada, and South America, are showing double-digit declines this summer. The primary source of positive international demand growth is the emerging Asia Pac market, including China, with +6.5% YOY growth.

US Demand from International Sources


“Given that the industry is reaching the end of the hospitality up cycle, hoteliers need to be proactive about responding to these trends,” stated nSight Founder Rich Maradik. “There is still time to leverage opportunities that can improve the summer season and put hotels in a stronger position for fall by aggressively targeting the markets, both domestic and international, where consumers are actively searching. Although previous top markets are not traveling with the same vigor as last year, there are active shoppers who can be isolated by city and/or consumer profile for US travel.“

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    A weekly view of a hotel’s relative performance allows hotels to see and act on soft demand periods and days with room to raise rate without losing “looks and books.”


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