Why Big Marketing Data Does Help Marketing

Why Big Marketing Data Does Help Marketing

The article below caught our eye this week…

Why Big Marketing Data Does Not Help Marketing by Maarten Albarda in OnlineSPIN.

The author’s premise, or “law” as he refers to it, is that “as the amount of marketing data increases, the marketer’s understanding of all available data decreases at an equal rate.” Marketers are more and more confused about how to interpret all that data and what to do as a result.  Simply, more data without corresponding insight is just a waste of time.

We agree.

And the best way to change this law of big data marketing is for BI companies to go the extra mile and make it easy for their customers to take action on their data.

That’s where nSight has a different approach. Unlike other BI vendors, we answer the question – “Now what?” – by providing users with tangible ways they can take action on our “looks and books” data from over 5,000 consumer travel sites.

Founder Rich Maradik described it as our industry’s “last mile” in his recent blog post.  Destinations and hotels need actionable insight –not just piles of data to analyze. To add incremental value, BI solutions need to do more that present charts and trends; they should offer up tactics, specific actions and even step-by-step instructions. This last mile initiative provides the tools that users need to respond proactively, for example, by identifying the target consumer with the right booking lead time or explaining how to price for future arrival dates. All so users can take action to increase visitors and grow tourism market share.

Check back here in the coming weeks to see how nSight will uniquely guide its users on how to take action on our data.