Secrets to Stress-Free Budgeting

Best Budgeting Tips for 2017

Budget season can be overwhelming. These simple tips will help reduce your stress, increase visitors, and boost marketing efficiency as you target the right consumers at the right time, in the right markets, and with the right message!


#1   Bundle predictive marketing data with your digital marketing budget.
For as little as $200/month, you can enhance your target marketing and boost ROI to 6:1 by focusing on those consumers most likely to visit and book you and your competition.


#2   Allocate your data spend across multiple departments — Marketing & Revenue Management for hotels and Marketing & Research for DMOs.
Travel intent data brings organizations together and it gets optimal power when used as a bridge for decision making and action between two groups. So, it makes sense to split the cost of data between functions. nSight provides unlimited users, so you can engage all strategy stakeholders across your company as well as your agencies.


#3   Displace a single-purpose solution with a multi-solution data tool.
Reduce costs and increase efficiency of operations. Specifically for hotels, a standalone rate shopping tool or GDS-only channel solution are not efficient way to spend time or money. nSight hotel solutions provide integrated rate shopping, revenue management, and marketing insights for third-party and direct channels. For DMOs, data tools that use technology to measure only visitors physically in market just give you a historic view. Look for integrated solutions that can look forward and back, giving a full 360 view of your destination’s leisure demand.


#4  First, try it free.
If you’re a hotel that is not sure what to do first, you can start with a free 30-day trial. We designed several of our new reports — Rate nSight and Marketing nSight — to give you a feel for the data and deliver high value for targeting consumers who are shopping your right now. If you are a destination, we can give you a quick snapshot of your top 10 source markets for the next 60 days. It’s just want you need to focus your PPC, display ads, email, and content marketing to increase visitation and local tourism revenue.