Demand-Driven Hotel Strategy

The Next Big Thing to Increase RevPAR

The Next Big Thing to Increase RevPAR

nSight’s Complimentary Webinar Series focusing on Consumer Demand for New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle Markets

NASHVILLE, TN January 29, 2015 nSight, the leader in online consumer shopping intelligence for the travel industry, is hosting a webinar series, “Demand-Driven Hotel Strategy,” on how hotels can apply future demand intelligence to marketing and pricing strategies, making decisions more aligned with consumers. The new approach helps to increase RevPAR and grows market share for hotels in any type of market conditions. Each webinar will address demand strategy best practices and deep dive into the demand metrics for a specific market, including New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle.

Hotels are beginning to get bottom-line value by abandoning their competitor-focused pricing in favor of demand-driven strategies. The approach sheds new light on how dynamic consumers search and book hotels online and the impact it has on rate.

With market conditions always changing and distribution only becoming more complex, understanding future consumer demand is key to bridging the gap between hotel marketing and revenue management.

Each webinar will cover:

  • What is future consumer demand and how is it determined
  • How demand-driven strategy improves target marketing
  • How demand-driven decision making boosts ADR and RevPAR
  • Market specific analysis:
    • Market demand and conversion trends
    • Outlook of future consumer demand for the next 60 days
    • Top source markets and growth trends for international, drive and personas

Register here for any of the online sessions below:

  • Focus: New York – February 5, 10AM CST (11AM EST local)
  • Focus: Chicago – February 12, 10AM CST (10AM CST local)
  • Focus: San Francisco – Feb. 19, 1PM CST (11AM PST local)
  • Focus: Seattle – Feb 26, 1PM CST (11AM PST local)

nSight improves hotel marketing and revenue management capability by providing an unprecedented view of how travel consumers shop online. The world’s largest database on active travel shoppers, nSight aggregates 80 million “looks and books” for hotels daily. The secure cloud-based BI application benchmarks a hotel’s performance on third-party websites worldwide against competing hotels and resorts. Hotel users apply this consumer shopping intelligence to improve decision making, optimize rate, increase online bookings and grow share over competitors.