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nSight for Hotels

Getting Your Power Back

As a hotel, you can’t have data that’s one-dimensional. You need to see how consumers are reacting to your rates, the market and your competitors – all at once. Then, you need to know how to influence these consumers during their digital shopping journey and win share back from OTAs.

nSight brings search, booking and rate dynamics into one future view so Marketing and Revenue Management can act together. And increase ROI and ADR, together.

The nSight for Hotels solution consists of the nSight interactive SaaS application and action-oriented reporting suite. Need extra help? The gurus in our Marketing Services team have the expertise you need to boost online presence and grow direct bookings.


nSight Solution

APP + nCompass Reporting

nCompass Report

Reporting Only

Hotel Online Traffic Report

Reporting Only

Designed for GM | Revenue Management | Marketing | Agencies Marketing | Agencies Marketing
Data Interactive + Static
Forward 180 Days; historic 2 years
Forward 30/60 Days
Frequency Daily updates Monthly distribution Weekly & Monthly distribution
  • Daily BAR Shops for Future Arrival Dates
  • Impact of rate differences on daily consumer search/book behavior
  • When to raise, lower or hold Rate for Future Arrival Dates
  • Dates of Soft Demand during the Next 90 Days
  • Most likely to book markets and personas
  • Demand View SnapShot
  • 30/60 Day Targets by Market
  • 30/60 Day Targets by Persona
  • Demand Forecast SnapShot
  • Target Markets Searching on Third Parties, not Visiting
  • Change in Search/Booking for vs Travel Websites by MSA/by Country
Integration Needed None None Google Analytics Login
Annual Subscription (USD)
FREE 60-Day Trial
$600 after trial
€550 after trial


Get the Hotel Online Traffic Report free when you sign up today. Benchmark your hotel against travel websites and identify opportunities to shift market share to your

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Demand Forecasting

The Game Changer: Integrated view of future rate and consumer behavior

  • Set priorities with an intuitive color-coded demand calendar highlights what days need attention first to increase ADR or grow occupancy
  • Foster collaboration and insight on decision making with an integrated view for Revenue Management and Marketing fosters collaboration and insight on decision making
  • Understand how price differences affect consumer behavior on a daily basis
  • Know when to hold, raise or lower rates for future arrival periods up to 90 days out
  • Identify need periods with low performance that require additional marketing or rate support
  • Access target markets and personas filtered by weekend/weekday in one click right from the calendar
  • Use predictive insights from third parties to your advantage and get more direct bookings on your web site

Rate Intelligence

Simple, intuitive rate shopping

  • Gain powerful insights into market demand for price decision making
  • Get daily BAR comparisons for your hotel and your comp set(s) in an easy-to-use 90-day view
  • Compare pricing differentials for one- and two-night stays
  • Filter rates by major OTAs and download to Excel with one click

Search Intelligence

A forward-looking view of consumer travel intent to your hotel and competitive set

  • Top 25 markets searching/booking you vs. comp set(s)
  • Consumer profiles most likely to book you by source market
  • Demand growth from global markets by arrival date
  • Regional filter for the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East/Africa


The Hotel Online Traffic Report: Your secret weapon to shift share from OTAs

Want to get your power back and own your guest relationship?

The HOT Report puts the multi-billion dollar ad budgets of the big travel websites to work for you. Turn the billboard effect into bookings when you know where to target consumers.

What you get:

  • Markets shopping travel websites and NOT searching your
  • Monthly changes in search/booking for your versus travel websites

With the HOT Report, you can:

  • Leverage the power of OTAs to win guests to your hotel directly
  • Shift share from indirect to direct by identifying the best underperforming markets to target
  • Measure the effectiveness of marketing, revenue management and channel strategies by market
  • Benchmark your hotel against travel websites


60 Day Outlook: nCompass Report

A future view of hotel intent and digital marketing roadmap for the next 60 days

  • Your Search and Booking performance as compared with your primary competitive set
  • Snapshot of your Rate/Booking trouble days over the next 90 days
  • Top target markets and personas for marketing over the next 30/60 days
  • High-converting web/social/email content based on geographic and persona-based messages

Marketing Services

Putting insight into action

Data keeps moving. And so does your hotel. You have to act quickly to take advantage of what the data tells you. That’s why some hotel clients ask for our help in taking action on their data.

Trained in distribution and revenue management, our data analysts and digital marketing experts can supplement your in-house staff, act as an extension of your agency, or work standalone. From content creation and OTA partner ad buys to paid search and trend analysis. Whatever your scenario, we make it easy to put your data in motion to drive performance.

Data-driven marketing. We’re on-demand.

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