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As a hotel, you need to see how consumers are reacting to your rates, market influences, and your competitors – all at the same time. That gives you the power to influence these consumers during their digital shopping journey and win share back from OTAs.

nSight brings search, booking and rate dynamics into one future view so Marketing and Revenue Management can act together. And increase ROI and ADR, together.

  • Hotel nSightTM:  Interactive SaaS-based application with an integrated view of online consumer behavior and rate for your hotel and its comp set
  • Rate nSightTM:
  A daily email report, delivering daily rate shopping, hotel rank on TripAdvisor, and weekly demand forecast.
  • Marketing nSightTM:
  A monthly email report for target marketing by geography and profiles for the next 90 days, plus competitor benchmarking.
  • Enterprise nSightTM:  A portfolio view of online third-party performance and targeting designed to your corporate structure.


A Solution for Every Hotel

Our hotel products work for small boutique hotels as well as global chains. Every hotel can have access to powerful global data from the interactive SaaS application or action-oriented reports. Plus, the corporate office gets the flexibility of an enterprise view that is customized to their portfolio.



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Trip Advisor Ranking  
90-day Daily Rate Shopping   180+ days
90-day Demand Forecast   180+ days
90-day Target Profiles & Market   180+ days
Search and Booking Rank  
Search Volumes    ✓
Historic Traveler Profiles & Markets    
Multiple LOS    
Average Lead Times    
Length of Stay Distribution    
Website vs OTA benchmarks      ✓
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Enterprise nSightTM Customization

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