The Universe of Travel Intent Data

We’re transforming travel marketing and pricing.

The best way to know what a consumer will purchase is to understand how they shop. More than 80% of consumers globally shop and book their air, hotel, rental car and tours on one of the thousands of online travel websites. So, the travel industry should look to the collective third parties for predictive insight on where consumers want to travel.

Before nSight, the travel industry did not have a single view of consumer behavior and travel intent across this fragmented industry.

Now, that’s all changed. Powered by a database of 40 billion consumer “looks and books,” nSight’s interactive BI application and suite of reports realign your decision making to deliver more guests to your hotel and visitors to your destination.

The Most Travel Shoppers

It’s the largest view of online travel consumers in the world.

  • 85 million shops and books aggregated daily
  • 5,000 travel websites represented globally
  • 40 billion consumer data points strong

nSight aggregates millions of consumer “looks and books” from travel websites every day. Our unprecedented view into online consumer search and booking behavior helps predict and inform future performance for hotels and destinations.

With such a large database, we’re able to slice and dice the data to get more and better views of what users can expect in the future.

Qualified Consumers Not on the Books

Active shoppers are qualified by travel intent.

nSight search data represents future opportunity that has not been booked. It’s not in your property management system or your competitor’s system. That means these shops reflect potential for new bookings to your hotel or destination. Plus, searches captured by nSight yield a range of consumer-specific data including future travel dates, destination city and property. What makes these searches special – more valuable than say, a Google search – because they are qualified by when and where. These consumers actually tell us when and where they intend to travel, which becomes the foundation for forward-looking target marketing and media planning.

Persona-Level Insight

An exclusive, but simplified view of the dynamic consumer.

Through advanced analytics, nSight enhances its consumer search and booking data with more than 100 demographic and psychographics features such as age, marital status, and interests, along with web behavioral data. This provides a view of what the consumer looks like behind every search and booking, benchmarked into nSight’s ten unique persona categories.

  • Experience Seeker
  • Adventure Seeker
  • Bucket Lister
  • Frugal Boomer
  • Young Free Spirit
  • Couponing Family
  • Go For It Family
  • Self Seeker
  • Visiting Family
  • Dream Tripper

Actionable Data

Intent: It’s a roadmap for taking action.

Hotels and destinations turn rate, market and demographic insights into action in a myriad of ways. The list is limited only by your imagination: making better pricing decisions for future arrival periods, enhancing email marketing and loyalty programs, improving paid search and digital targeting, and delivering better advertising with display and OTA partners.