Humanizing the Trade Show Experience at IPW 14

Humanizing the Trade Show Experience at IPW 14

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Download your caricatures below!

Thank you to everyone who spent time with us at IPW14 in Chicago learning about leisure travel intelligence for third-party websites!  We hope you enjoyed how we “humanized the trade show experience” for you by drawing your personal caricature during the show.  It’s our way of showing how each traveler is unique and helping pose the question:  What would you do differently if you could see who was searching and booking your destination or hotel — and your competitors — online, right now?  

We help answer that question and more, including:

  • How does my performance on third-party websites compare to competitor destinations?
  • What sources markets should I be marketing to?
  • What consumer types should I target and where?
  • Is my marketing working to increase visitors to my destination?

Email us at [email protected] if you want to learn more.

Now, you can download your caricature here.

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