nSight Introduces nGenius, Partners with Expedia and ADARA

nSight Introduces nGenius, Partners with Expedia and ADARA

This week, nSight formally launched it’s nGenius Community announcing Expedia and ADARA partners.

nGenius is the first integrated big data and multi-channel digital marketing platform for the travel industry. Our partnerships with Expedia and ADARA make it easy for hotels and destinations to take action on real-time consumer trends. We’ve integrated them right into the nSight application, so marketers can respond faster to predictive data than ever before to increase direct and third-party bookings.

The nGenius Community allows us to bring the “best of the best” in travel digital marketing to our clients.  nSight users know that our partners understand their data and have been vetted as best-in-class digital marketers. It saves our users time and gives them confidence.

Adding nSight’s targeting recommendations to current digital marketing strategy provides a more complete view for travel marketers since its consumer search and booking data is aggregated from 5,000 travel websites. Only nSight offers a forward-looking outlook of leisure demand by persona, source market, lead time and travel date.

How nGenius Partners Use nSight Data:

  • Our users can identify sources of demand for future travel dates and opportunities to shift share, and then build nGenius partner campaigns to address those needs driving web or third-party traffic
  • Leveraging nSight data with nGenius partners, travel marketers can design campaigns to laser focus on specific markets and demographics for future need periods and access the right media channels to deliver the highest ROI.
  • nGenius partners determine the best target media plans leveraging nSight’s forward-looking search and booking outlook report with most likely consumers to shop/book/stay in the next 30 and 60 days.

It’s all about making it simple for destinations and hotels to take action.

“Big data does not mean anything unless the insights derived from it are simple and actionable,” said Rich Maradik, founder of nSight For Travel. “Leveraging nSight data with Expedia and ADARA enables users to guess less and market smarter. They can act on real-time consumer trends to manage uncertainty and capture share with precision they’ve never had before.”

“It’s important for marketers to understand how, where, and when consumers are shopping,” Noah Tratt, Senior Vice President at Expedia Media Solutions explained. “Our partnership with nSight further optimizes hotel and destination media spends on Expedia by engaging active consumers more precisely using nSight’s predictive demographic and geographic data.”

We’re excited to bring the capabilities of these leading digital marketers to our clients to help them grow market share. Additional partners are already in the works that can bring new and incremental value.

Keep your eyes here for updates on partners and capabilities that help travel marketers take action on insights.