nSight Travel Intelligence Expands to Europe With Launch at WTM in London, Stand TT476

nSight Travel Intelligence Expands to Europe With Launch at WTM in London, Stand TT476

NASHVILLE, TN October 25, 2013    On the heels of a successful U.S. introduction earlier this year, nSight™ (nsight2.wpengine.com) is launching to the global market on November 4at the World Travel Market (WTM) in London.  An online travel decision platform for tourism boards, hotels, attractions and destinations, nSight provides an unprecedented view into online consumer search and booking behavior. During the show, the company will showcase highlights of its travel intelligence product with insights to the local London market, which represents 5.5% of global travel search.

Aggregating 25 billion global travel searches and bookings from 5,000 online travel websites, nSight’s decision platform and data products help travel companies of all sizes make better, more informed decisions on all aspects of their business, market smarter and establish more profitable operations.

Approximately 87% of consumers around the world research and book their air, hotel, rental car and tours and activities on one or more of the thousands of online travel websites.  This represents travel intent beyond basic queries on search engines such as Google or activity on the Global Distribution System.  Prior to nSight’s launch, the travel industry did not have an aggregated view of consumer behavior and travel intent across this very fragmented array of websites.

“Destination marketers and hotel clients immediately see the value of nSight even beyond digital marketing,” said Jami Timmons, president and chief product officer at nSight.  “They’re embracing it on all levels of the organization from the CEO and CMO to the Research Manger and Media Planner.”  An nSight subscription offers unlimited user seats, providing access to decision support at all levels of the organization.

Through advanced analytics, nSight enhances consumer search and booking data with offline demographic and psychographics along with web behavioral data.  This provides a view of what the consumer looks like behind every search and booking, benchmarked into 10 unique persona categories. Using this simplified view of online travel, users leverage nSight travel intelligence for a range of activities from long-term planning to on-the-fly media placements:

Revenue management – nSight provides a unique view of demand by allowing users to quickly and easily benchmark performance against competitors based on geography, consumer behavior or persona for travel intent and conversion. Users can track how strategy changes such as rate adjustments affect search and bookings for destinations, properties and competitors.

Visitor acquisition and real-time marketing – Travel marketers use nSight data products to target marketing and reveal opportunities.  Travel intelligence can help direct digital marketing strategy, fine-tune off-line promotions and craft messages based on persona trends and preferences.  Unique to nSight, the “search-to-book” or marketing window tells marketers who is searching and booking a destination or property right now so marketers can take action to convert those shoppers.

Corporate development and positioning – With nSight, key decisions are backed by data.  Whether its choices on portfolio expansion, new flight routes or capital investment, detailed trend data and predictive analysis supports accurate and profitable choices. Data-driven consumer intelligence delivers the insight companies need to establish and maintain market leadership.  Data helps users evaluate opportunities, be first in new markets and uncover emerging needs before competitors.

London Travel Trends – Featured Highlights

At the show, nSight will share insights on global travel search and booking trends for London, WTM’s host city.  Highlights of the data offer a simplified view of the complex behaviors, intentions and personas that influence travel.

  • Online search with intent to travel to London represents 5.5% of total global searches.
  • Actual bookings for London are slightly lower at 4.7% of global online bookings.
  • Average search-to-book window (or the “marketing window”) for London is 23 days while the book-to-stay window is 21 days.
  •  “Adventure Seekers” are the top searchers for London at 25.9% of global searches, while “Self Seekers” book at the highest rate with 27.9% of London bookings.
  • The “Bucket Lister” traveler is twice as likely as a “Dream Tripper” to book a trip to London.

A description of the nSight traveler personas is available at nsight2.wpengine.com.  Data is based on global travel search and bookings for the first half of 2013.  Current metrics will be announced at WTM.

WTM Presentation: November 6 at 11:30, TT185

nSight will host an educational session presented by Timmons, “Big Data: Using Travel Intent to Engage Active Consumers” on Wednesday, November 6at 11:30 in the Travel Tech Theatre TT185.

To schedule a product demonstration during WTM, email nSight at [email protected].

nSight’s robust, state-of-the-art data warehouse is designed around the high volume, high velocity character of travel data and uses a secure, cloud-based data management platform. The solution leverages a custom BI interface to ensure optimal user experience and data visualization. Data collection is daily while the data views are refreshed weekly, enabling drill-down into details of any specific day.

About nSight
nSight is the largest aggregator of live, global travel search data that redefines travel intelligence and transforms how it’s used for all aspects of operations from corporate strategy to real-time marketing. nSight was founded to simplify and monetize big data by making business intelligence about the traveler again. We’re a new kind of travel intelligence company, providing the human connection between data and intelligence. With 25 billion global travel searches across 5,000 consumer websites and hundreds of millions of unique consumer insights on active travelers, nSight makes travel marketing more relevant and decisions more precise. To see how humanized travel intelligence can help influence travel before it’s booked, visit nsight2.wpengine.com.­­­­ Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.