What Guides Us

Our North Star

Online travel booking is a disruptive environment.

Market dynamics change quickly. You have to be on top of what’s happening now.

It’s not about who booked yesterday. It’s about who’s shopping today.

Consumers are looking more, comparing destinations as well as hotel rates and availability across sites and platforms. And there’s a growing number of intermediaries, widening the gap between buyer and supplier. Plus, we’ve seen how markets and economies can change overnight with dramatic impact on local tourism.

Can it get any more complicated? Yes, and it probably will, as even more new websites and mobile apps come online. But there is one truth that remains constant – staying close to the consumer is the key to success.

Staying close to the consumer.

That’s the philosophy we live by.

It guides our decisions on how we work as well as inspires our Search Intelligence and Predictive Marketing solutions – keeping us moving in the right direction.

We’re always making sure what we do brings our clients closer to the online consumer – that’s our North Star.

And the best way to get close to the travel consumer is to understand how they shop online. As the online travel marketplace evolves, consumer shopping intelligence will become increasingly important for tourism marketers who want to influence the complex shopping journey and stand out online.

Our clients turn these forward-looking shopping insights into action across their organizations in marketing, revenue management and research departments worldwide. From making smarter pricing decisions for future arrival dates and selecting the best partners for international co-op programs to knowing the right consumer profiles to target in Google AdWords.

With nSight, it’s easy to understand how travelers shop and use those insights to make better, consumer-focused decisions that help you grow.