Tivoli Lodge Targets Higher Digital Marketing ROI with Consumer Intelligence from nSight

Tivoli Lodge Targets Higher Digital Marketing ROI with Consumer Intelligence from nSight

TripAdvisor’s #1 Ranked Hotel in Vail Using Shopper Analytics to Grow Share on a Global Scale

NASHVILLE, TN January 15, 2015 nSight, the leader in online consumer shopping intelligence for the travel industry, today announced that Vail-based Tivoli Lodge is using its consumer intelligence to enhance performance on digital marketing campaigns. nSight captures more than 80 million searches and bookings for hotels daily across third-party websites worldwide. providing in-depth consumer insights based on geography, profile and search behavior. The #1 TripAdvior ranked hotel in Vail, Tivoli will use nSight consumer shopping data to focus media targeting, increase international travelers and grow its direct and OTA bookings.

nSight improves hotel marketing and revenue management capability by providing an unprecedented view of how travel consumers shop online. For the first time, Tivoli Lodge can see how it stacks up against other hotels on travel websites for search and conversion, as well as best available rate (BAR) and how those rate changes impact future demand. By understanding the behaviors, profiles and travel intent of consumers and benchmarking against its competitors, Tivoli Lodge can make better targeting and pricing decisions that position it to win share.

“Tivoli is always looking for tools to help us understand our target guest,” said Daniel Dohner, general manager, Tivoli Lodge. “Consumer analytics from nSight help us see who is looking and booking Tivoli and our competitors. But it goes beyond who visits my website or gets my loyalty emails. nSight lets us see the whole opportunity – including my competitors and other markets – so I can make decisions to capture a bigger piece of the global winter ski market, not just grow within Vail.”

Tivoli Lodge can benchmark its performance on travel websites worldwide against hotel competitors in Colorado, Nevada or even France. Its marketing and revenue management teams will know search-to-book lead times for key markets and forward-looking demand for up to 90 days. With visibility into search and conversion for travel websites, Tivoli can see campaign impact in almost real time and make changes to optimize ROI. Using the profiles of active shoppers, marketing teams can align web and social media content, build website packages and offer OTA promotions to increase bookings from both direct and third-party channels.

nSight works with Tivoli Lodge through a partnership with its digital agency, Utah-based GCommerce, a hospitality-focused hotel web marketing company and member of nSight’s nGenius Community, a partner program focused on data-driven digital marketing.

“Tivoli Lodge’s picturesque location and world-class skiing have global appeal,” said Chris Jackson, president and partner, GCommerce. “Using nSight, we’re able to be much more precise with Tivoli’s media buys targeting U.S. and international travelers, identifying where consumers are shopping by country, city and demographic profile. The efficiency makes budgets go further, so we can expand market coverage or duration for campaigns.” Advanced consumer intelligence and booking trend analytics help level the playing field for independent hotels and resorts like Tivoli competing in the international winter destinations market with large, multi-property players.

nSight is a secure cloud-based BI application that benchmarks a hotel’s performance on third-party websites worldwide against competing hotels and resorts. Hotel users apply this consumer shopping intelligence to improve decision making, optimize rate, increase online bookings and grow share over competitors.