Who Went Where on Labor Day

Who Went Where on Labor Day

As travelers head home from their Labor Day weekend, we took a look at who went where for the holiday.  It’s a different perspective of online searching and booking based on nSight’s database of 80 million “looks and books” each day from over 5,000 travel websites.

Here are some highlights for U.S. travel for Labor Day weekend (Thursday – Sunday).

  • New England: Bucket Listers – the higher income, 66 year old and up crowd – are the break out travelers with 28% staying 2-nights. Friday was their peak stay.
  • Mid-Atlantic: Experience Seekers, the high income/no kids travelers, came into the area 50% more often than the Self Seekers (middle income/no kids). Both came from New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, but the area attracted 50% more big spending travelers from Boston than Philly.
  • Southeast: Everyone loves to grab one last roller coaster ride or build one sand castle at the end of summer. But the more mature (higher income, older kids) Go For It Families out traveled Couponing Families to this region for Labor Day by 3 to 2.
  • Great Lakes: People in the Washington DC area had shopping and museum hopping on their minds for the 3-day weekend.  This area had DC as the #25 city searching for it online but travelers turned out in force, making DC the #6 booking market for the region for the holiday.
  • Plains: Adventure Seekers, young high earners, headed to the Plains Region for outdoors adventure with 63% staying 2-3 nights.
  • Rocky Mountain: Always a strong international attraction, these parts had top international visitation from Calgary and London for the last weekend of the summer.
  • Southwest: Older demographic Dream Trippers (47%) and Bucket Listers (53%) both traveled to the Southwest – in almost the same numbers.  And their average length of stay was 3 nights.
  • Far West: Despite the short holiday, travelers were flying West to enjoy the end of the summer.  In the top 10 source markets for the West, 3 were far enough to require flights –  #2 New York, #8 Chicago and #10 Boston.

All in all, we hope everyone had safe travels and enjoyed the holiday.

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