INFOGRAPHIC: Travel Search & Booking Behavior for London

INFOGRAPHIC: Travel Search & Booking Behavior for London

Searches for Specific Dates and Destinations on Travel Websites Give Insight Into Future Travel Behavior

To introduce the power of travel intent analytics, nSight took a deep dive into London’s travel search and booking behavior for the first half of the year.  Approximately 87% of consumers around the world research and book their air, hotel, rental car and tours and activities on one or more of the thousands of online travel websites.  This represents travel intent beyond basic queries on search engines such as Google or activity on the Global Distribution System. Let’s see how activity across more than 5,000 travel websites looked for London during the 6-month period.

London generated 5.5% of global searches compared to a slightly lower 4.7% of global bookings. The typical length of time from starting the search process to booking a trip was 44 days. The average time spent researching a trip or  the “search window” was 23 days, 2 days shy of the 21-day booking window.


nSight WTM London 2013 Taxi

It was not surprising to see that London itself generated the highest volume of search for London as a destination, with New York City, Rome, Milan and Manchester being the next top source cities for London search.  Rome generated 3X as many searches for London than Moscow.  And global searchers booked Paris more frequently than London at a rate of 5:4.  The city generating the most bookings for London was New York.  And the average length of stay was 5 days.

It’s interesting to note that while 45% of bookings were for 3-star hotels, 43% were for 4-star and just 9% stepped up to 5-star properties.  Of the 10 nSight Persona Clusters defined by over 100 demographic, psychographic and behavior attributes, the Self-Seeker Persona generated a strong share of travel with 27.9% of bookings into London. The Bucket Lister Persona (select attributes: 66+ years old, mostly fixed income, long lead time for research) is 2X more likely to book London that the Dream Tripper Persona (select attributes: 51 – 65 years old, higher income, often travels with friends, often adds tours and excursions).

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